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Network Services

 “You can only think, As far as you see”.

This line has been put to history, our foray into networking services starts a decade back. When companies were trying to figure out ways to connect their businesses, we as a company had seen the future and made inroads into the industry by providing the best service possible.

With passing time things changed, approach changed, technology changed, but we stood like a bridge between our client and their future & continued providing the most advanced services. Commitment & precision still stands out as undisputed characteristic for us.

We ensure installation, set up and maintenance of high-end networking equipment involving multiple protocols. We are one of the very few companies who have currently installed, commissioned and are maintaining over 20000+ leased lines, ISDNs, MPLS, etc. in more than 18,000 branches in India. Determination to excel is simply making us grow every year.

We as a company do not restrict our capabilities and efforts, in this process we have extended our expertise and currently handling and managing other critical areas like:

  1. Support for Juniper, Procurve, Cisco and 3Com routers
  2. DC, DR, POP and NAP management

Our aim is to provide the entire gamut of offering in networking industry, No doubt it is an never ending endeavor, the current offering that we are capable to extend to clients

  • LAN management, WAN management
  • WLAN management
  • Unified Communications
  • IPT
  • VoIP
  • IP Contact Center management
  • Network Operations Center
  • Network System Integration Services
  • Network Consulting Services
  • Network Security Services
  • Network Implementation Services.

Telecom Links:
Provide commissioning & support for Telecom links such as Leased lines, ISDN, CDMA, MPLS etc. Currently we are maintaining over 20,000 telecom links.

Network Devices:
We provide installation & maintenance of Routers, switches, IP Phone, Modem, Convertor, NT1 etc. Currently we have over 50,000 network devices in AMC.

NOC Support
We provide Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM). Currently we provide NOC Support of more than 3600 Nationalized Bank Branches.

Technical Staff
We have over 500 L1 engineers & 250 L2 engineers across India for providing Network services. Besides this we also provide FMS support.